Message Studio Software

  • Mesage Editing
  • Video or Still image import, text layering, animations and transitions
  • Message Scheduling
  • Remote/Direct Management and Execution
  • Content Preview
  • Schedule Verification
  • Date/Time activation
  • Sate/time display
  • Message Player
  • Sign Configuration(s)
  • For Direct and Remote control displays
  • Username/Password access control
  • Sign Manager
  • Execution of schedules, direct or remote
  • Upload/Download of schedules
  • Communications monitoring
  1. Software has the ability to display .gif, .jpg, .bmp, .avi, .mpeg, .mpg, .m1v, .mp2, mpa, amv, .amf, .asf and .swf files, as well as a host of formats compatiblee with the Microsoft® Windows™ Media Player specifications.
  2. Software has the ability to import and manipulate .jpg, .bmp and .AVI uncompressed files, and export content in .jpg, .bmp and AVI compressed and uncompressed formats.
  3. Software utilizes Microsoft® Windows™ TrueType fonts and their supported features.
  4. Software has toolbar and editing tools.
  5. Software has a variety of display effects that can be attributed to layers or frames.
  6. Effects are available for Entry modes, Exit modes and individual text layers/text over video, each with customizable properties.
  7. Software has the ability to process captured portions of an imgae or video, in the same ratio as the screen size without skewing or distorting the image by keeping the same aspect ratio.
  8. Software includes a comprehensive scheduling package with the ability to schedule multiple messages to dilplay the specific times as well the ability to display the time of day.
  9. In multi-display installations, the software can operate as a Host editing computer and schedule management system; allowing the display(s) can operate independently or cooperatively, in real-time or scheduled manners.
  10. (Optional add on) Software has a platform to accept live video and includes the ability to partition the screen to display live video feed and advertisements on the same screen.
  11. (Optional add on) Software has the ability to display a sports/news ticker across the bottom of the screen to display information for other venues.
  12. Developed and made in USA.